UL, CSAA 5 Diamond 

Central Station

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access control

Our central station is equipped to work with ancillary building control equipment, to fully control and automate doors, locks and lighting at your customers location. An optional remote audio link allows for one or two—way communication to identity personnel before allowing access, or to provide safety assurance for workers leaving the building. We also can manage the site for your customers.

Our Video Access Control service is primarily for facilities that only need someone to be at the main entrance to clear, log and allow entry. Often they do this with an in-house minimum wage employee to keep their costs down. In most cases they will not consider the cost of a guard to cover this post.
TCS can also integrate with building control equipment such as fire, lighting, HVAC and energy management systems. All alarms can be verified by both video and audio eliminating false alarms and the potential for police response withdrawal for companies that have frequent false alarms.