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Burglar & Fire Monitoring

TCS is a CSAA Five Diamond and UL Listed monitoring facility. This means that our Emergency Operators have received CSAA Five Diamond training and certification. It also means that our Central Station facility, our backup and automation systems and our response operations have met UL standards. All of this assures you and your Subscribers that you are being monitored at a Central Station prepared to properly respond to emergencies, without interruption.


TCS is prepared to monitor most communications formats in use today. This ranges from the basic baud formats through IP, as well as 2-way audio, radio, cellular, GPS, AlarmNet, Connect 24 and many others. Our Technical and IT management has developed specialized interfaces for our Manitou Automation System, for alarms and video (if used), that it basically offer “error reduction” handling for the Emergency Operators. Handling of the Alarm; and doing Video Verification if needed; is handled quickly and professionally by well trained and efficient Emergency Operators, utilizing one of the best automation packages available.


TCS offers some of the most experienced Emergency Operators available, for handling of and response to, 2-way PERS systems. Over and above response to standard 2-way PERS systems, TCS Emergency Operators handle management of patients (medications, activities and so forth) through the TCS Video and 2-Way Audio Monitoring systems. This activity has made TCS Emergency Operators very aware of PERS patients’ needs and how to address and work with them. This means your PERS patients, during an alarm situation, are always handled in a caring manner. TCS also offers 2-way GPS monitoring that can be use for PERS patients that are mobile and leave home often. These GPS units are available for a basic monthly fee that includes the unit, communications fees (cellular & GPS) and the monitoring and response services.


TCS offers all of the standard supervisory services, such as Low Battery, Troubles, AC Power and so forth. We also handle the access management services such as Open/Close, User Time Control, Reports via Email or Fax and requested special services. As you see on the Dealer Information form, we give dealers options not offered by all Central Stations.


TCS also offers a self-contained stand-alone camera for locations that only require one Video Camera for alarm verification. These units can be simply activated and connected to the existing Internet at the location and it will automatically be online for TCS. For locations that do not have an Internet connection, TCS can provide a cellular unit. These units are for Dealers that do not want the hassle or responsibility of repairing or replacing the video camera. By just paying an all inclusive monthly fee the dealer can simply contact us and arrange for the replacement of the Video Camera.