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Central Station

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Guard Replacement/Enhancement

Supplemental Video Guard Service

When a Guard Agency is bidding a larger contract, cost is often a factor. Using your Supplemental Video Guard Service can often mean the difference between their getting a contract and losing it. This is why we recommend that you make area Guard Agencies aware that you have these services available. They are profitable enough to offer the Guard Agencies incentives.

On many larger contracts two (2) guards are required so that one (1) is always at the front desk to control access to the facility, when the other guard is on tour. Since many tours are only 15-20 minutes, they end up with two (2) guards, where you only need one, the majority of the time. This is where the Supplemental Video Guard Service is of benefit.

By having an Access Control locking system on the door and 1-2 video cameras in the area, the Guard Agency can provide their client with a substantial savings. When their one (1) guard needs to go on tour they simply notify our Security Operators. While the guard is on tour the Security Operator will watch the front area and, if anyone arrives, we will verify who they are and, if cleared, give them access to the facility. It is even possible for us to answer the subscriber’s phone during this time. When the guard returns they notify us and they again assume the post.

Since we can provide this service for as little as $2.00 per guard tour, you can offer the Guard Agency this service for only $4.00 per guard tour and still allow them room for a substantial profit.


Hourly Video Guard Service

There are times when you come across a potential subscriber that is a facility with 24 hours activity, such as a small factory; office building, etc., and therefore they cannot always have the security system activated. However, they need someone keeping an eye on the facility.

Rather than losing this subscriber to a Guard Agency, you can now offer them your Video Guard Service for their facility. With properly placed Video Cameras, sold, installed and serviced by you; and monitored constantly by our Security Operators, you can offer this subscriber the protection they need. Our Security Operators can challenge violations and take the proper actions, as set forth by you and the subscriber.

The hourly rate for Video Guard Service is normally $4.00 per hour. If you provide this service to your subscriber for $6.00-$7.00 per hour you can still earn a substantial profit. And you are giving your subscriber coverage for less than half of the cost of an on-site security guard.


Video Guard Patrol Service

With Video Guard Patrol Service you can offer your subscribers periodic log-ins and video patrols by your Security Operators at the-central station. Even if they have a patrol service where officers are making periodic checks, this can be used to supplement and strengthen their patrol service by giving them these extra checks

Video Guard Patrol subscribers are programmed into our automated system for the number of times you have requested. At assigned times the system logs into the DVR at your subscriber’s location and our Security Operator views the activity on each camera at the location. If the Security Operators view activity they follow the procedures set forth by you. Often, if it is of a serious nature, we would notify the Police and tell them what we are observing. Each morning we will email your subscriber a log of the Patrol Checks, along with any incident notes.

Our basic package, which offers one hundred (100) Video Patrols per month, is only $125.00. With a suggested retail price of $2.00-$2.50 per Video Patrol check, this affords you $75+ in additional monthly recurring revenue.